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Greenville Water Department Public Forum

Got a question about your water bill or about the new water meters?  Tuesday, January 8th 6:00 p.m. William Alexander Percy Public Library  Call the Mayor’s Office for more information: (662) 378-1501  

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New Water Meter Project – Update

Frequently Asked Questions All estimates are for residential 5/8” water meter and using current rate system inside city limits.   1. Why Is My Water Bill Higher than Usual? Have you received a water bill that seems unusually high?  Your water bill could be higher than normal for a number of reasons.  Here are some ways you can troubleshoot to see why your bill is high: Your bill includes a graph of your water consumption  for the past 12 months.  Does the consumption seem normal compared to the previous billing period or the same billing period last year? Has the amount of water you’ve been using changed?  Have you had houseguests for an extended period of time?  On average, a person uses 40-80 gallons of water per day.  During the summer months, watering your lawn more frequently is the most common reason a bill can be high.  Running your sprinkler
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