To improve, enhance and safeguard the Port City’s infrastructure and public rights-of-way through comprehensive program management, realistic and effective long range planning utilizing a professional and dedicated staff.


The Department of Engineering is responsible for the management of the city’s capital improvement program, implementation of city-wide programs and long range plans, and the protection of infrastructure through ensuring adherence to applicable codes and regulations. These activities are carried out utilizing in-house staff, outside firms and companies, and various other governmental agencies.


The City of Greenville has embarked on a long-range program by developing of a Pavement Management System (PMS) that allows for a proactive and holistic approach in safeguarding one of the city’s most dynamic and expensive infrastructures, our streets. Successful streets require management not merely maintenance and a PMS program will allow the city to undertake more efficient programs and make more effective decisions in the upkeep of our city streets. The city streets have been delineated into approximately 937 distinct sections and at this time, city staff are measuring, identifying, and rating these sections for input into the computerized PMS program.


90,000 GPM Pumps at the City’s Storm Water Pumping Station.
A report was presented to the City Council which outlined a detailed and proactive flood prevention plan. The plan identified a two-phase program which combined contract labor and Public Works forces. Approximately twenty (20) miles of major open drainage channels were identified for herbicide spraying. This cost effective would control excessive vegetative growth with two applications per year. The flow capacity of the major open channels would remain maximized through an ongoing spraying program. The second phase of the plan is the development of an inlet inventory work zone. Through systematic inspection of the inventory, Public Work crews can routinely remove blockages and debris from inlets and storm sewers. Street flooding and flash flooding can be expected to decrease each year the plan is in place.


Need a benchmark or elevation reference point?
The City Engineering Department has established and maintained hundreds of benchmarks and elevation reference marks throughout the city. If you need reference datum for your surveying or construction project, please complete the form below and it will be sent to the Engineering Department to see if we have a benchmark in the area. If so, we will e-mail the appropriate information to you for your use. Please be sure to adequately describe the project area, i.e. address, lot/block numbers, legal description.


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