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The Greenville Fire Department is the largest fire department in the Mississippi Delta. We are an eighty-nine man department with eight fire stations throughout the city. We respond to approximately 1,200 calls per year.

The Greenville Fire Department has a long history, with the first paid department being established January 1, 1904, consisting of a Chief, one Assistant Chief and eleven Firemen. Throughout the years, the department has continued to grow and make improvements. Our current staff consist of one Fire Chief, three Assistant Chiefs, one Fire Marshal, one Assistant Fire Marshal, one Fire Investigator, one training Coordinator, one Public Relations Officer and one Administrative Assistant. We have twenty-nine Company Officers, twenty-four Engineers, and twenty-six Firefighters divided between three shifts who work 24 hours and 48 hours off. The Greenville Fire Department strives to provide the best service possible to all citizens throughout the city, whether it is fire suppression, fire inspections, and public safety, along with community service.

Visit the Old No. 1 Firehouse Museum located in downtown Greenville.

Rent the Old No. 1 Firehouse Museum!
Call Bridget Winters (662) 378-1650 to book your next birthday party, reunion, or family event at the firehouse! Rental rates: $35 per event. A $25 deposit is required upfront for a reservation.

Fire Stations

Our fire stations are all named after firefighters who made a significant impact on the fire service during their time on the department. The eight fire station we currently operate are at the following locations:

Known as Headquarters, is named for former Fire Chief A. Z. Lokey, and is located at 532 Central Avenue.

Is named for O. L. Banks and is located at 623 East Union Street.

Located at 449 Highway 82 East, is named for Thomas Samuel Berry.
Is named for E. V. Donovan and is located at 2337 East Alexander Street.
Named for brothers Eugene & William Chipman, is located 1002 North Broadway Extended.
Located at 1355 East Reed Road, is named for brothers James A. & Van R. Shirey.
Located at 2352 South Main Street, is our newest fire station. It is named for Firefighter Paul H. Smith, who lost his life in the line of duty at age 22 on Christmas Day, 1991.


Ruben Brown, Sr.

Fire Chief

Tawanna Haynes

Administrative Assistant

Carl Nichols

Fire Marshal

Earth Robinson

Assistant Fire Marshal

Jarrod McCray

Arson Investigator

Lonagcio Smith

Training Chief

Carolyn Luke

Public Relations Officer

Keith Boston

Assistant Chief A Shift

James Shelley

Assistant Chief B Shift
Assistant Chief C Shift