Greenville has operated under a weak mayor-strong council form of government since 1938. The Charter of the City of Greenville establishes the City Council as the governing and legislative authority of the City government.

Mission Statement

The mission of the City of Greenville is to provide leadership, service and security for a better quality of life to citizens, customers and guests in a professional and fiscally responsible manner that is worthy of the public trust.

Form of Government

Under Mississippi’s optional charter plan, municipalities are given a choice of the basic forms of municipal government found in the United States today: (1) the weak mayor-city council form (known in Mississippi as the mayor-board of aldermen form), (2) the strong mayor-council form (known in Mississippi as the mayor-council form), (3) the commission form, and (4) the council-manager form. These options, as they apply to Mississippi, are presented below in the order in which they were made available within the state.

In Greenville, our city government follows the weak mayor-council form. The charter is a special charter, adopted by the city on May 11, 1938, and approved by the governor of Mississippi on June 30, 1938. The City Council is comprised of six council members who each represent a ward within the city limits, and serve a four year term. The Mayor is elected by and serves the entire city, also serving a term of four years.