The objective of the Planning Department is to encourage planning that will assist the well-being of the public by improving the images of our community, enhancing the community’s opportunity for economic development and meeting the needs of the people and of society more effectively. We are committed to becoming a well-designed, safe, and healthy place to live and raise our precious children.

Inside Planning Development

The City of Greenville was awarded a Brownfields Assessment grant to inventory, assess, and conduct planning, environmental assessments and community involvement related to brownfields sites within the city limits. Brownfields are underutilized or abandoned properties in which future development is complicated by the perception or presence of environmental contaminants. In simple terms, a brownfield is property that is either contaminated or that people think might be contaminated. Many sites now considered brownfields once provided economic vitality and jobs to local communities. The map above shows Brownfield sites that have participated in the grant program.
The Mississippi Redevelopment Act, administered by the Mississippi Development Authority (MDA), is a program designed to encourage economic development on and around environmentally contaminated sites. To promote redevelopment, this act provides incentives to defray the remediation costs associated with cleaning up contaminated property.

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For a complete listing of the City of Greenville’s  Zoning Regulations see Appendix B of the City Ordinance. Click here for a digital copy.



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