Whether your idea of “home, sweet home” is a comfortable ranch style with plenty of “kidspace,” a stately older home complemented by a well-manicured lawn, an elegant waterfront home on one of the area’s many lakes, or perhaps a real farm house, be assured that all these choices plus many more are available The perfect home is something everyone seeks. In the Greenville area, the search often takes no longer than a quick ride around town. There’s a perfect home for every person and every family, each with its own unique character.

There are stately Southern manors and ultra-modern marvels, quaint little cottages, intimate duplexes and comfortable apartment complexes. You’ll also find expansive neighborhoods with lazy lakes and lush landscaping; quiet older neighborhoods draped in ancient oaks; and new, busy neighborhoods with lots of children and activity.

The Greenville area housing market has been on the upswing for over a year and indications point to a continuing good market through 1996. The existing home inventory, previously overstocked with homes because of the nation’s sluggish economy, now has been significantly reduced, creating the potential that the supply will exceed the demand. [Shouldn’t this be the other way around?] This need is being met with new home construction, which will create broader options for the home buyer.
The average sale price for a previously owned home ranges from approximately $55 to $60 per square foot for 2,000 square feet of heated space. The average price of new construction per square foot in newly developing areas is around $58 and up. The average sale price for a 2,000 square foot existing home ranges from around $65,200 to $100,000 in newer areas. Many lower priced homes can be found throughout the city in older neighborhoods.
There has been an increase in the number of home-owners “moving up” to larger, new executive homes as well as new residents and first-time home buyers moving into the market. All of this has contributed to the construction of a new subdivision and expansion of several other subdivisions. Strong new home construction and home sales have created an extremely active market that offers something to meet every homeowner’s needs.

For those who prefer to rent, most newcomers are pleasantly surprised to discover that the words affordable and livable accurately describe Greenville area homes and apartments. The average monthly rent for a two-bedroom apartment is around $400, and a three-bedroom apartment is around $500.

With the wide variety of environments and styles which are available, that perfect home is bound to be waiting for you in the Greenville area. Take some time to look around and see for yourself just how many attractive choices you have.

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